Who, Me?


It has been fantastic to see so much positive response to the upcoming “Mommy & Me” class I will be teaching at Indigo Wellness Center (sign up here!). Last Thursday I attended the Baby & Me class at Boho Yoga in McMinnville to see how my crawling, cruising, stick-it-all-in-the-mouth, 9 month old would do in a yoga class and it was so fun! Sure, he tried to chew on the singing bowl, successfully got hold of some of the studio plants, and cried bloody murder when I needed to use the restroom, but he also had a blast flying up and down as I moved through Goddess pose and peacefully watched cars drive by as the teacher led me through a leg strengthening flow. I left feeling like I had a great workout without the burden of pulling my hubs out of work for childcare.

My older son, pictured above, loves yoga too. He can nail downward dog and will tell you his favorite pose is tree. Turns out a bunch of his buddies like yoga too, and multiple mom friends asked me, “So, is your new class appropriate for toddlers? Can my mini be the “me” in “Mommy & Me”?”. No is never a good answer in business, but for the time being…sorry tots, “Mommy & Me” is just ages 0-9 months (or so, think pre-crawling). For the upcoming Sunday series I’ve decided to keep it to babies in an effort to help parents connect with others in the same boat, as well as ensure that the students, young and old, get a quality workout.

BUT! I won’t leave you hanging! Everybody needs yoga! Thankfully I can offer some alternatives for your tots and older children.

My friend Chantal Barton teaches all sorts of fun yoga, including some great classes for kids and families. You can find out more about her offerings on her website: https://chantalbartonyoga.com/kids-yoga/

Lesley, at Boho Yoga, not only teaches Baby & Me classes, but also a weekly Kids Yoga class on Saturdays from 11-11:45 in Mcminnville. It’s a lovely drive from Salem. Sign up or drop-in! https://www.bohoyogastudio.com/classes/ 

See you (and your littles) on the Mat!

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