Why Yoga?


Right here, yoga begins. This moment. This breath. This lunge, this focal point, with this leg and these eyes and these toes. And then again. “Atha Yoganusasanam” translates to “Now begins the teachings of Yoga”. Seems simple enough, but it is a powerful reminder that each moment presents to opportunity to engage with your body, mind and spirit. Yoga means “yoke” and refers to linking the mind and body. My personal practice of yoga has helped me step back into my body, even when physical or mental experiences make me want to run away. Yoga teaches us how to “stay put”, embracing the moment for what it is. As a teacher I help students learn how to begin again and again right from where they are by linking breath to movement, leading meditation, and bearing witness to all of the good work they are doing in class. Now, isn’t that tempting?